July 20, 2017

Bières de Chimay

The Chimay Brewery ("Bières de Chimay") is a Belgian brewery founded inside Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian municipality of Chimay in 1862. The brewery produces three widely distributed ales and a patersbier exclusively for the monks; they are known as Trappist beers because they are made in a Trappist monastery. The brewing plant was updated in 1988, and as of 2005 produced 120,000 hectolitres annually.

Since 1876 the monastery has also made cheese, and currently offers four cheeses.

Chimay Bleue (Blue)

A+ / 5.0
Chimay Blue

Chimay Bleue (Blue), 9% abv darker ale. In the 75 cl bottle, it is known as Grande Réserve. This copper-brown beer has a creamy head and a slightly bitter taste. Considered to be the “classic” Chimay ale, it exhibits a considerable depth of fruity, peppery character. The taste continues to evolve and develop with a few years of age, and is extremely popular with the Belgian population.

This top fermented Trappist beer , refermented in the bottle, is not pasteurised.