July 21, 2017

COOP Ale Works

COOP Ale Works began with a humble home brewer and a simple dream. The idea spread as friends tasted the unique beers, and the popularity of those early batches encouraged a dedicated team of three partners to begin working to make the dream of a local brewery a reality. Mark Seibold, JD Merryweather and Daniel Mercer spent the next two years traveling throughout the United States, Europe and Central America visiting breweries and sampling local flavors. The insight gained from entrepreneurs, brewers, biologists, operations personnel and consumers provided an invaluable basis for a serious endeavor into quality commercial brewing. By integrating this knowledge with the local, regional and national brewing trends, as well as local feedback, the trio planned the birth and growth of the yet unnamed COOP. After nearly 3 years of research, comprising thousands of man hours and dozens of test batches, COOP fashioned its identity as a steadfast professional team that holds closely a passion for bringing quality, local beer to taps and homes in Oklahoma City and beyond.

With the help of close friends and fellow craft-beer fans, COOP was capitalized on July 15th, 2008. In less than 6 months, the COOP team; navigated the multi-layered regulatory process, secured a building lease, completed the remodel, purchased and installed a commercial brewery, obtained brewing licenses from the State of Oklahoma and the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau, created and branded original recipe beers and brewed the first full scale batches for distribution.

The outpouring of support that has come from friends of the COOP team has been overwhelming. Our sincere hope is that you – the fan of COOP Ale Works – will take pride in the beers, as if they were your own.


A / 4.6

F5 is simply an IPA lovers dream. The mild malt body and hop-forward bouquet of Amarillo and Simcoe hop additions impart citrus, grapefruit and pine notes characteristic of the West Coast style. F5 is truly a force to be reckoned with.