July 20, 2017

Fuller’s 1845

A- / 4.1
Fullers 1845

1845 Celebration Ale is a true landmark in British beer history. Although brewing dates back to 1654 at Griffin Brewery on the banks of the River Thames, the partnership of Fuller, Smith And Turner was formed in 1845. In 1995, to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary, Fuller’s commissioned special, celebration bottled ale. 1845 was the result. A more auspicious beginning the brew could not have had; the inaugural beer’s hops were added to the copper by none other than HRH Prince of Wales, during a royal visit to Fuller’s!

Its launch was so successful that 1845 has quickly become the number one bottle conditioned brand in the UK take-home market and is currently the UK market leader among all bottle conditioned beers.

1845 Celebration Ale is a highly acclaimed strong ale and the winner of numerous awards including the CAMRA Champion Bottle Conditioned Beer of Britain (1998-1999 and 2002) and the British Bottle Institute’s award for the Best Dressed Bottle (1996). 1845 was also honored with a Silver medal at the 2003 CAMRA Great British Beer Festival in the bottle conditioned beer category.

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Review by Aaron D. Campbell on January 23, 2011

A- / 4.1

Appearance – Dark copper and clear, with about 2-3 fingers of frothy light-tan head the dissipates slowly leaving thick lacing.

Smell – Fresh fruit, lots of yeast, lightly toasted malt, quite sweet.

Taste – The fruit and malt take the lead, balanced by some solid but not overwhelming hops in the back end. The finish brings out a woody flavor…not smoky like most, just clean wood.

Mouthfeel – Medium to full bodied, crisp in the mouth and smooth down the throat.

Drinkability – One of the best straight up ales I’ve tried. It’s complex, clean, and quite enjoyable.