July 21, 2017


D+ / 1.9

Cervecería y maltería Quilmes is an Argentine Brewery founded in 1888 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province, by Otto Bemberg, a German immigrant.

The company quickly started growing and in the 1920s it was already the most popular beer in Buenos Aires. Since then, it has become something of a national symbol, and has 75% of the beer market share in Argentina. It sponsors the Argentina national football team, and the colours of its labels are Argentina’s light blue and white.

As of 2005, Quilmes has plants in Quilmes, Zárate, Tres Arroyos, Corrientes, Tucumán and Mendoza. It is also exported to Perú, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, USA, Spain, Dominican Republic, France, UK, Italy, Australia and several other countries. It sells a yearly total of around 17 million hL of beer and 8 million hL of soft drinks and others.

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Review by Aaron D. Campbell on November 29, 2010

D+ / 1.9

Appearance – Clear, almost watery, and a pale yellow. Bright white dense head that stays around and leaves good thick lacing.

Smell – Slightly sweet grainy smell, mostly corn, hints of hay.

Taste – Very lightly toasted malts, straw, slightly sweet and first but slightly bitter as it goes down. Quite watery.

Mouthfeel – Decent carbonation helps cover the extremely light body.

Drinkability – Too light to actually enjoy. It’s basically water with light beer flavoring.