July 21, 2017

Squatters IPA

B / 3.5
Squaters IPA

This classic American IPA has a golden copper color, generous hop flavors and aromas and the maltiness of premium English barley – perfectly balanced by alcohol at 6% by volume.

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Review by Aaron D. Campbell on October 28, 2010

B / 3.5

Appearance – Clear orange-gold color with small amounts of white head that dissipates almost completely, leaving thick lacing.

Smell – Pine and citrus hops (specifically grapefruit, orange, and a hint of lemon). Light hints of lightly toasted malt, light spices, and a little alcohol.

Taste – There’s a nice balance of malt and hops. I get more pine from the hops than I did on the nose. A little flatter than a expected. Kind of a light-weight as far as IPAs go.

Mouthfeel – Medium-light body, tickling carbonation, a little bit of bitter that hits your tongue but not too much.

Drinkability – It’s not bad. The balance is there, the tastes are pretty good, it just doesn’t really stand out in a sea of IPAs.