July 21, 2017

Tire Bite Golden Ale

D- / 1.2
Tire Bite Golden Ale

The young pup of the pack… Tire Bite Golden Ale is a refreshing, light, warm weather slammer with a flavorful hop edge. Brewed using exclusive imported German hops, this beer draws craft beer drinkers back from the “dark” side of the cooler.

Plato: 11.5
Specialty Malts: Malted White Wheat, Munich
Hops: German Perle, Hallertau

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Reviews of Tire Bite Golden Ale

Review by Aaron D. Campbell on December 14, 2010

D- / 1.2

Appearance – Pours a clear but pale yellow-gold color with thick white head with rather poor retention which dissipates very quickly leaving a little bit of lacing.

Smell – Pale grains, light hops that are almost medicinal, and hints of butter.

Taste – Bland grain, extremely light bitter hops, finishes slightly buttery with lots more of that bland grain.

Mouthfeel – Light bodied, weak, very little carbonation.

Drinkability – It doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t taste good either. It’s rather bland and boring, which I can get by drinking water.