July 21, 2017

Union Jack India Pale Ale

A / 4.6
Union Jack India Pale Ale

Union Jack is the aggressive IPA that you’ve been searching for. Citrus, pineapple, and a full chewy malt profile finish clean on your palate. Over 70 IBUs and 7.5% alcohol by volume, Union Jack won’t have any problem competing with the big India Pale Ales. A beer true to its origins; deeply hopped and bolstered for a long voyage.

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Review by Aaron D. Campbell on September 18, 2010

A / 4.6

This is another beer that I had on tap at Ground Control Coffee. They have a truly great selection of craft beers, so visit them if you’re ever in Phoenix.

Appearance – Amber color, clear, very dense head with tons of lacing.

Smell – Citrus hops give a distinct grapefruit, very aromatic.

Taste – Strong hops character gives you tons of grapefruit that rolls into a more bitter grapefruit pith taste. Very well balanced with an underlying malt.

Mouthfeel – Medium bodied with lots of mellow carbonation, the citrus gives it a bit of a shock.

Drinkability – If you don’t like really strong citrus in your beer, this isn’t for you. However, all around it’s a really good beer and great for any hop-heads like me.