July 20, 2017


B / 3.5

A full-bodied, brown ale with a rich chocolate taste created from roasted chocolate and caramel malts. Topped with Czech Saaz Hops to give it a spicy flavor and aroma.

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Review by Aaron D. Campbell on January 24, 2011

B / 3.5

Appearance – Murky brown with plenty of sediment, red-orange hues when the light comes through, about a finger of dense off-white head that has remarkable retention.

Smell – Dark fruit esters are quite strong, balanced somewhat with sweet caramel and earthy hops.

Taste – Biscuit-flavored yeast hits first mixed with the dark fruits, with the hops coming in at the end and balancing the finish.

Mouthfeel – Medium bodied with good carbonation, tangy at first with a dry finish.

Drinkability – Not bad, but there are better beers in this style.