10 Meetups About 4 pack beer You Should Attend


“Beer is a beverage that keeps you going,” the saying goes. But how many of us truly stop and think about what that says about us.

You’re right, I can’t think about it much. And here’s something else that we don’t think about often enough. Beer is one of those things that actually has a downside. Beer is a “water” beverage. It is made up of water, hops, and yeast (in the case of the beer world, of course). Beer is an alcoholic beverage that typically contains about 6% alcohol.

Thats pretty much spot on.

The downside of beer is that it can actually impair your motor skills, and the effects are very real. If you had to drink enough beer, your brain would start to function very slowly. This can include your eyes to focus too slowly, your hands to shake and tremble, and your motor skills to get things done very slowly. If youve ever felt the effects of alcohol, you know what I mean about a slow reaction time.

An interesting side-effect of drinking that is very real is that you can lose the ability to understand human speech. To say the least. This is because the brain is so used to hearing and processing alcohol that the part of the brain which processes speech stops operating. And if you’ve ever had to actually deal with a drunk person who knows you and is talking to you, you know what I mean.

In a lot of cases, this is not just a problem for the drunk person. It can often just be a problem for the person trying to talk to someone sober, which is why I recommend reading up on the subject before you go drinking.

The problem is that the brain has to keep thinking in these new ways. And when it doesn’t, you start to “crash”, which is when the brain will go into a period of unconsciousness (or hypnosis), where it will not think and may even not be able to communicate. Crashing can cause physical harm if not treated quickly, so be careful about drinking and driving.

But when you drink and drive, you can end up in a dead end. The car’s safety system will keep you from crashing into a tree, a building, or a wall, and you will most likely end up going down an embankment or under a bridge. If you happen to be in an accident, you will be in a hospital or police station for a while. This can be terrifyingly boring, so you may want to check with a doctor before you start drinking.

It’s also not just alcohol that can lead to fatal accidents. Certain medications can cause a person to forget how to drive, forget that they are in a car, and then crash and kill someone. Even if you forget that you’re in a car, you’ll end up driving over someone, or worse, end up killing someone. And while alcohol and drugs are the most common cause of car crashes, drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD can also cause a person to forget how to drive.

If you’re looking to avoid driving, the best bet is to be smart and drink responsibly. Be sure to check with your doctor before drinking too much yourself, and be sure to check with a friend or family member before taking any drugs.