ballston beer festival


I am a big fan of the Ballston Beer Festival. I started attending in 2012 and saw it expand from a small gathering of around 6 people to a festival with over 200 people this past year. It is such an amazing event and a great way to celebrate the city of Ballston and all that Ballston has to offer.

I don’t want to tell you how many times I’ve been to the Beer Festival, but some of the highlights are definitely the beer and food. Also, there is a lot of dancing.

I saw the Ballston Beer Festival on the Travel Channel, so I went with the free ticket. I didnt get to enjoy the festival, but I enjoyed the food at the festival, and I got to see a few of the other activities that were being offered.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I was not expecting to be able to enjoy any sort of cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. While there were quite a few meat dishes, the pork roast was the best I’ve tasted on the festival circuit. While I can’t speak for the other activities or the beer, I do have to say that the beer was a lot more enjoyable than I expected.

I was also extremely glad that I was able to walk a lot of the festival route. It might be because I am a huge fan of beer, but I really appreciate the extra walking. It also seems to be helping my balance as I got to run several laps around the festival area.

Like many other festivals in the United States, the Ballston Beer Festival is a celebration of the local craft beer scene. It’s not like the local food and wine scenes that are the main reason I go to these types of events.

Yeah, it is a lot to take in. The festival is a big block party with over 10,000 beers on tap and a lot of food vendors and artisans. It’s also basically the only place in the city that is open late into the night. Ballston’s really cool because it’s one of the few cities that has a large arts festival as a main event.

If you want to experience the local beer scene you’re only a quick boat ride from the Ballston Village Mall and the nearby Ballston Beach. If you want to just grab some brews and do some shopping, go to the neighboring borough of Newburyport, or go to the neighboring borough of Southold, that’s two more blocks away.

So that’s the main thing. The local beer scene. The local culture. The local arts scene. And the local music scene. And the local food scene. But that’s all just the beginning and there is much more. Ballston Beer Festival, the annual event hosted by the Newburyport Craft Brewers Guild, is a chance to sample the city’s most popular beers and attend concerts. Its a fundraiser for the Guild, and the event is designed to bring in more new breweries.

The Newburyport Craft Brewers Guild’s mission is to provide a vibrant and open community for the craft brewing industry in New Hampshire.