georgia beer day 2021 Poll of the Day


It’s been a fun couple of weeks. I’ve been in charge of the food and beverage team for our summer brewery event (which will wrap up tomorrow). On the food side of things, we’re working with the local farmers and their foodie friends on a “chop, cook, and serve” program for the entire weekend. The only thing we’ve been missing (you guessed it) is the booze.

I think everyone is a little bummed that we aren’t hosting our first ever beer day. It will be a double celebration of the brewery and its beer of course. We are planning on having a selection of beer from local breweries and vendors on tap at our brewery. This will include a variety of local craft beers as well as non craft beers from our vendors.

One of the most important things about the event is to have a great selection of beer available. There will be several vendors on site to sell all of the aforementioned beers from a variety of local breweries. It will be an open event where people can come and try whatever they like and of course be sure to tip generously.

We’re really hoping that many of you will come out and drink some of this beautiful and refreshing beer. We’ll be on site from 12:30am to 6:00pm so you can find us in case you’d like to order a beer and have a nice quiet pint party.

There is no shortage of great beers on site. To get the best selection you must go to the different vendors, and to make sure you are there at the designated times, or you won’t get any of the many beers available, you have to tip generously. So make sure you don’t miss out on any of this great selection.

Georgia, like so many other states, has one of the greatest beer selections that I have ever seen. There are about 30 different beer vendors all over the state, and each one gives you a great selection of different varieties, styles, and price points. From the well known big brands like Bud Light, Miller Lite and Budweiser, to the newer, locally brewed beers like Red Dog and Red Squirrel, you will find what you are looking for.

I don’t think this is the best time to get a beer so soon, but it is the only way I can drink Georgia beer. The day that we can only get one beer or a couple of beers is the day that I go back to my hometown and drink Georgia beer. There is nothing better than knowing that I can get the beer that I want, that the brewery is happy with, and that I can get that beer at the right price.

To my city, Athens, GA, you will also have access to the best Georgia beers, even if you can only get one or two of them. I have a feeling that you will want to go to all the breweries in the state even if you only get one or two of them. I like you being able to drink the beers on your own terms. I prefer to drink at the bar or at home.

I have to say that drinking at home is not something I do on a regular basis. I’m not a huge fan of standing in line for an hour to pick up a beer. And I definitely don’t drink at the airport. But a lot of people don’t drink at home either.

It’s hard to get drunk at home. It’s a whole different experience that drinking in a bar. I think if you try a lot of different beers, you probably can find some that you like, but you can also sometimes find something you don’t like. For example, I liked a lot of different beers coming out of the tap at the place where I took my kids to school. However, I found one that I did not like. So I drank it at home.