I want to thank all of you for your support, and I look forward to seeing you all again in June of 2015 and beyond. I look forward to this being the last time I can attend this event each year. I will try to attend as much events from now on as possible so I have the opportunity to get to know all of you more.

Like many other venues around the region, Woodland Park’s greenwood beer garden had a great run over the last few years. The last time it was open was in January of 2012, so I’m really excited to see it return in the new year.

The new 2012 version has a slightly more casual atmosphere compared to its past years, but I would still like to see it back sooner rather than later. All of the beer gardens we visit on our various trips around the state seem to have a similar vibe, so it would be great to see it return.

The beer garden is located in the park next to the mall in the small town of Greenwood, Indiana. The greenwood beer garden is situated at the end of the greenway which is one of the main recreational paths in the park. It’s about a 20 minute ride from downtown and the town is beautiful. The park is open from 10:00 a.m. to midnight most days.

The brewery is owned by a husband and wife team who are brothers, so it’s a bit of an odd one out. But I like the idea of a beer garden and I’m always happy to see a place with a beer menu, so that is always good.

The fact is that I find it annoying that a brewery I’m used to going to once in a while is now a brewery I have to go to twice. As far as I know, the only other brewery in town is on the other side of the greenway, so I’m not sure why the brewery was there in the first place.

But the main reason I like Greenwood is actually because we get to drink beer. We also get to play games, but I like to play games on my computer, so I go to most of the games at the brewery. It’s easy to sit at the bar and drink beer and play games and generally just be happy.

Like the two other breweries we’ve been to, Greenwood has a beer garden and a bar, but the two are actually separate establishments. But you know what? I think if I lived in town I would live in Greenwood because when you live in the city everything is basically the same – we have the city water, public transit, and restaurants. Greenwood is just a little more colorful than the rest of the town.

Greenwood has a brewery, a restaurant, and a bar, but they’re all separate entities. The brewery is the first thing you come to and the bar is the last thing you leave. That said, while the brewery is definitely a place that is worth a visit, it’s kind of a letdown to the bar. Even if you don’t plan on spending $12 on a beer there, they don’t really feel much like a bar. I don’t really know what to tell you.

So for me, the bar is the last place I want to go. It’s not that there’s no beer in the city, but the bar is just a mess of people and machines and it doesn’t really look like a place that would be a good place to hang out. Plus, it’s just not a place to talk to people. Also, the vibe you get from people who are hanging out there is just odd. They don’t seem to really want to be there.