hillman beer


I have to admit that when I first got the idea of a beer garden, I did not know what a beer garden had to do with me. It was the summer after my husband and I got engaged and it was summer in the Hamptons. That was how I knew I was going to be a beer-garden fanatic.

The beer garden was something my husband brought up when we were dating. We both had been drinkers since we were teenagers, and it seemed like we just had this weird kinship. I remember being at a bar with him and a friend and we were just sipping out of these tiny glasses that were like little mugs.

When I became a parent I bought a ton of beer for my son, and he had his first beer garden. I remember the first one we had there, but I can’t remember the last one. But now, whenever I feel like drinking a beer, I just have this feeling of nostalgia for that first beer garden.

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