light colored beer


Well, there you have it. The beer aisle is officially lit with a light color. It’s a great option to use in a variety of different beverages.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week’s installment of the “What’s New” section. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more about the blog, and I hope you’ve come up with some usefully-concerning information.

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Finally, Happy New Year everyone. We hope you’re having a great one.

2014 has to be the year of the cat. Its the year of the human cat. We might have to use a different term in this space, but I don’t give a damn. Cats have saved our lives more than once now. I won’t make you cry.

This year has been a very eventful year for us at We had a lot of success with our “New Year’s Resolution” post, with a lot of people signing up for the new year with resolutions. And of course there was the new website design, which we can’t wait to show you. We’re also getting ready to launch our new Facebook page, and we’re working on some interesting ways to make our website more interactive.

With those in mind, I wanted to give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the new website design. I’m sure many of you have read about the new website design before, but I wanted to give you a little bit of a primer on what it is, what it’s not, what it could be, and why we chose it.

The new website is our attempt to take our website from a static, blank webpage to something more interactive. The idea of a blank webpage was meant to be humorous, but it actually has quite the purpose. We wanted to show you the website in a way that was as interactive as possible, and the new design attempts to make it more so. The new style will be accompanied by an animation series, which will explain the purpose of the site, and how the design can be made more interactive.

The animation series is a series we’re doing of the website in which users will be able to interact with the website by using their own avatar, as well as by using the website as a virtual home page. The series will tell you why we chose to update the site, how the website is designed, and also how each of the animation series will work.

The new website design is meant to show the connection between the viewer and the website. When you visit the site, you will see a banner that says “Hello! Welcome to Light Beer.” Then you will be presented with a video clip that shows you how the site is designed, how it is made, and where you can see the site’s interactive features. Of course, that’s not to say that the video is boring.