Addicted to mikes beer barn? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop


The mikes beer barn is a new beer bar concept that is a collaboration between our friends at The Milk Bar and The Beer Barn in San Francisco. We are really stoked to have the opportunity to open our own beer bar, but we can’t wait for the crowds to pick up so we can offer the best beer selection and the best atmosphere in the city.

We were invited to the mikes beer barn when we were at another beer bar, the Rauchgängerhaus, for a roundtable discussion on the beer scene in San Francisco. The audience was split between a few people who were all in favor of a beer bar and others that were not.

What makes it so great is that it’s not just a beer bar. The beer selection ranges from all kinds of local microbrews to specialty brews from around the world. It’s also a great place for people who are just looking to try new beers and enjoy their surroundings. We’ve had people from other breweries come in and say “I’ve heard the best microbrews are coming from your place”.

I think every beer-drinking person should come visit a place like mikes beer barn. It’s a cool place, and it doesn’t matter if you hate beer or don’t like to drink at all, you can’t go wrong with enjoying a beer from a microbrewery.

I hate beer, but I love mikes beer barn because it is just that good. We had a bunch of friends come in and try a bunch of beers, and when they left I was like “I think I have found my new favorite beer.” It seems the brewery keeps their own barrel aging process going in a small space, which means they have a ton of fresh ingredients to use. It’s like having a little mini-brewery in your basement.

My friends and I love mikes beer barn for the same reason we love microbreweries, it’s just that good. We think its just so refreshing and light and crisp, but it’s not just for beer. You can enjoy it on a number of different things. The barrel-aged beers are great because they can be enjoyed in the store, because they are naturally aged, or as a brew in your home.

Its best known by the company name Mikes Beer Barn, but the name is actually a play on two other brands. One is a microbrewery where they grow all their own brew in their own barns, and the other is a brewery that uses barrels to make beer.

To me the most interesting part of the beer barn is the barrels. These are usually made up of wood, but it’s not always just wood. You can find them in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Some are made from all glass, some are made from wood, some are made from metal, and some are made of plastic. You can even find a barrel that’s made entirely of plastic.

If you like beer, but don’t drink any, I recommend you visit mikes brew barn. They grow a variety of different different beers here, some of which are hard to find elsewhere. Their beer is made from their own barrels, but also comes from the local brewery, and they also grow their own hops for the beer. The brewery is owned by a couple who are also beer lovers, as well.

Also, there is some beer in the house. But more on that later. For now, what I really want to talk about is the massive amount of wood that is used to make the beer barrels, and how the beer barrels are made. Beer Barrels are basically made from the trunk of a tree. The wood is split up and the sections are then stacked on top of each other.