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I grew up in a beer-guzzling household. Growing up with a bunch of brothers and sisters in the beer biz, I got a fair amount of the beer bug from them. Beer is just beer, man. I was born and raised in the Midwest and have since attended college in the West Coast (Cal Poly, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) and now in the Midwest (Cal State San Marcos).

I like beer, but I also tend to drink a lot of wine, too. While I do like to drink beer, I don’t drink as much of it as my friends. I like to start my day off with a glass or two of wine, a beer, then the next couple of hours I drink with friends and other alcohol before I feel the need or desire or craving to drink.

The difference in my drinking habits is that I rarely drink a lot of alcohol, but then again I usually never drink beer at all.

I drink a glass of wine, a beer, and sometimes an occasional cocktail. I also like to drink a lot of beer. A lot.

I tend to drink more beer than wine, but that doesn’t make it any less fun, so if you find yourself drinking more of either, you’ll probably like it. In fact, I’m not sure that you’ll be able to drink a lot of beer without being a big ol’ puked out mess.

Thats what I like to drink too. I like to drink beers, so I have a few bottles on hand, and I have a few bottles of wine, some good Scotch, and a few glasses of very cheap bourbon. I also enjoy a lot of Irish whiskey. I even like a good pilsner, so I drink a bit of that too.

mikes beer is a really nice beer. I know I said this in the video, but I think it would be interesting if you could buy a bottle of mikes beer and drink it on the go, so you dont have to wait for a nice time of day.

I like mikes beer. I like buying it, and I like drinking it. I like the smell of it, and I think it has a nice taste. It is probably the cheapest beer on the market.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of cheap beer. It’s just not my thing. I don’t think I’d want to have a beer that I had to buy at a gas station at gas stations, or at Starbucks. So mikes beer is a nice option.

mikes beer also has a nice sweet taste that I really like, but it is quite different than some other brand of beer. Most of the mikes beers Ive tried are light, airy, and slightly sweet. I think I like it better than some of the other beers that are normally found in the convenience stores. For me, mikes beer is a special beer.