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Yeah, I know it’s not the best way to start a conversation. I’m not saying it’s bad; it’s just not the best way to start a conversation.

I have to agree. It’s the worst way to start a conversation, but it does make it easier to start talking about things that other people might be interested in talking about.

Its not that I hate talking about beer, it’s just the fact that it gets me talking about everything that I don’t want to. I don’t want to talk about politics, or religion, or politics, religion, or whatever. I just don’t want to talk about anything.

I understand it’s a good way to start a conversation but its not really good if you want to start a conversation.

We tried to talk about everything, but it failed. At first it was really hard to say anything, then its hard to say anything because you are just being yourself. Then it gets so much easier. It feels like I can start talking about anything I want. So I might as well start talking about everything.

Well, actually, that’s pretty much the last thing I wanted to talk about, so I’d say we failed pretty much.

When we started talking, I was like, “Alright, let’s just get this over with.” Then I realized that I had no idea what anyone was talking about. I was really confused and there was no one around to help me. I guess we both just stopped talking. We have no idea what anyone is talking about now.

We were just talking. Well, not really talking. But I can’t really say that I had a lot to say because I didn’t really know what was going on. I am really glad we didn’t let that happen.

The problem is that the ability to talk about something is something that the average person can really benefit from. Think about it, how many times have you heard someone talking about a new car they just got? Not many. But I bet every one of us has said something about a new job or something. We just don’t know what the others are talking about.

The problem with this is that we have to make sure that the others are not talking about us. Weve all said something stupid or been in the news a few times. The average person can use this, but you can only do it so much and it becomes a little difficult to say anything.