sitting here drinking beer


The summer sun is streaming through the windows of the back deck, and I am sitting in the shade enjoying a beer when all of the sudden I realize something. It’s hot. I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt, shorts, and flip flops. I’m sitting on a patio with nothing else to do. The patio is in the shade, and it’s nice and cool in the shade. I’m sitting in the sun.

As I was saying, the heat is a thing I like to think of as more than just a little uncomfortable. It’s actually something I have to fight against, but I don’t always do well at doing so. For instance, I’ve recently gotten into a bit of a debate with a friend about the idea of going to the beach. I argued that I wasn’t going to the beach, and I didn’t want to go.

I dont believe that arguing is the same as going. But I do think that it is something to fight against. If you don’t convince others to do what you really want them to do, you may end up in a fight that you dont want to have. In the same way that a debate is something you have to fight for and convince others that you want to have, the same thing happens when you sit at the patio sipping on a beer.

I have a friend, a very talented filmmaker named James Cameron, a man who, when he is not writing movies, spends a lot of time with a group of friends who like to do things. He says that all of us should have a beach house. So in our beach house we sit and drink beer, and we talk about movies.

One of the things that this friend told James Cameron would help him make his movie better was to ask people in the audience to just talk about the things that they like about a movie. He says it helped, and it made the movie more interesting. I agree.

That’s exactly what happened in our beer-fueled conversation. It’s also why I think we should all just get down to work on making our beach houses better too.

Sitting here drinking beer. That’s why I like to drink beer. I have been doing that all day long.

But you don’t actually need to watch it all day long. You can also watch it right before bed, and just watch it later. That’s why I love watching movies in the early morning. The whole process of watching them later is a bit less stressful because you know you can watch them whenever you like.