How to Outsmart Your Boss on taiwan beer basketball


It’s hard to put a date on a beer, but I can assure you that when I drink it, it’s not a date.

So, it’s not a date, but it’s probably my favorite drink. Its a blend of Japanese beer, rice, and a little bit of miso, and it tastes just like the beer at Sushi and Beer. It’s the perfect beverage for a night out.

When it comes to beer, there are few things that are as versatile as beer. There is even a new beer league coming soon, and they’re calling it the Beer League. I have to say that its pretty darn cool actually. As I drank a few of the new beers I tried, I couldn’t help but think that this is the type of beer that I would enjoy drinking with the crew.

It kinda reminds me of beer league, but it lacks the competitive spirit. If youre looking for some fun, there will be games and beer with the guys.

As the beer league puts it, you arent just a beer drinker, youre a beer ambassador. You will get to meet new people and talk to new people. It also allows you to get your hands on some of the newest and most interesting beer. And you can get a free beer if you win the league! Just be sure to drink responsibly.

You can play in the tournament for free and get your hands on some beer from the same brewery. It also pays to be a good ambassador because it helps you get a free beer when you win. But you can also get up close and personal with the beer in the tournament and bring beers to friends.

That’s what it’s all about. You get to meet people, you get to talk to people, and you get to buy beer from people you like. But you’re not drinking your own beer. You’re drinking someone else’s.

We all make mistakes that we can regret, but the best way to learn from that mistake is to not do it again. While the tournament was a bit too stressful for us, we’re glad to know we didn’t make any bad decisions, and it brought us all closer together. It also made us realize that sometimes mistakes come with a lesson. It also made us realize that we can learn from our mistakes and still be okay.

We were at the tournament last night where we met a lot of new people, including a guy named “J” who has been playing basketball in Taiwan since his freshman year. We started out talking to him about the tournament and our experience in the past year. He said that he thinks he’s the best young player in Taiwan and that he’s already won a few gold medals.

We had a lot of fun talking to J about the tournament. He was such a smart young guy, and he was so easy to talk to. I think that’s the best part about playing basketball, and I think we all want to play more of it.