utah beer festivals 2015


This was a fun and informative beer tasting event that I was able to attend, which was a bit of a mixed bag of experiences. First off, the festival was held across from my home and I only got to visit the main tent and some of the smaller and more intimate tasting rooms.

The main tent was basically a giant party tent where the attendees were able to get a few beers and meet their new friends. The smaller tasting rooms were basically tents and booths set up in front of breweries that are all open for business. I had a hard time finding my way to the smaller tasting tents. I ended up wandering around the tent for a bit before realizing that I needed to get to the main tent to eat and get to my tasting tent in time for the festival.

The larger tasting tents were pretty good, though the smaller tents were pretty empty. There was a good mix of national breweries and some local ones as well. The main tent was also pretty large, and it didn’t feel as packed as the smaller tents. I think the organizers of the festival are hoping that it will draw more folks to the smaller tents, but I hope the main tent will be just as packed as the smaller tents.

I am not sure why there isn’t more beer being served in the main tent. Perhaps it is because many of the smaller tents are already full from the previous festival. Or perhaps the brewers want to let go of the fact that a lot of people are going to be coming back to get the same thing.

What do I think the organizers are trying to be? I think they are just trying to create something new and exciting at the same time. Something that will draw people to the smaller tents in the hopes it will spark some new excitement and people will want to come back. Personally, I like my beer beer beer, but I am going to go back to my favorite one, just because I can.

Sounds like a great idea, I think. But I don’t know, it might not happen.

I’m not sure if you are going to come back to the same beer festival that you went to last year, or if you want to go to the new one.

Well, as it turns out, I think utah beer festivals have been the last thing on my list to go to this year, so I might have to change that. But if for some reason I dont see utah beer festivals or whatever I am going to go back to the one that I went to last year.

Ok, well I guess that means that we’ll have to talk about that one more time. I’ll give you a hint, I’ll use that to find you.

Ok, I am finally starting to get a little nostalgic. I remember the first one I went to as a kid. It was in utah and I had to dress like a duck-billed platypus. Well, I am not going to be that girl any more. I want to go see the new one.