Why Nobody Cares About virgils root beer


This is a recipe I’ve been making for a while, but never posted. The basic idea? Add some honey, water, and some citrus to a bottle of root beer, add some ice, and voila! A great way to enjoy our favorite fruit in a refreshing, refreshing drink.

This is a recipe my friend Sean and I made together last night. It’s quite similar to the recipe we use for our root beer, except instead of honey I’m adding a bit of lime. I think it works out perfectly.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention that this recipe is good for about 1.5L of root beer. It’s quite a bit thicker than the ones I’ve used before but it’s still a great way to enjoy your favorite fruit in a refreshing, refreshing drink.

I love the recipe. I have to admit I’m a bit more picky than Sean, but this recipe was perfect. I used a few ingredients from our local liquor store to get it just right, though there are a few other tricks I can add to the recipe to make it even better. The recipe is to drink 1L of root beer.

It seems that the one thing that is lacking on this recipe is lime juice. I tried to add a few small drops of lime juice as a sort of “spicy kick” to spice things up, but Im not sure if that really makes a difference. That being said, this recipe is still a great drink that can be had quite easily.

It’s just a great drink. It’s a root beer, but with a shot of lime juice. You mix in the lime, root beer, and ice. It’s pretty much like a traditional root beer, only it’s a ton stronger.

The recipe, as written, is a ton of root beer, but it is also very thick. It has the consistency of a soft drink. It has a bit of a minty flavor to it, which is a pleasant surprise. It does have the root beer flavor, but its sweet. Its not super strong, but it certainly is a good root beer.

Its only downside, as you can see, is that it is very thick. Its just not as refreshing as the other root beers we’ve had in the past. The only reason it’s a good root beer is because it is a ton of root beer.

virgils is the most popular root beer in Finland. So, if you are in Finland, you would be pretty familiar with it. I mean, you don’t have to be Finnish to know that virgils is a great root beer.

The root beer we have at Virgils is made by the very same company that makes Weetbix, one of the best root beer makers in the world. The only difference is that we make ours from scratch rather than using a box. This creates a thicker, more concentrated root beer than Weetbix, and is the reason we recommend the virgils to everyone on this blog.